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About Cocktails

Article Highlight: List of Popular Cocktails

Whether you are planning for a party or simply wondering what to order during your next night out on the town, knowing the most common and popular cocktails makes ordering and serving a breeze. Cocktails typically… Keep reading »

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Enjoying cocktails

Whatever you want to know about cocktails, you'll find it here.

About Cocktails and Cocktail Culture

The Golden Age of Cocktails

There was a time, basically up through the 1970s, when a good many homes had their own mini bars, and cocktails were regularly served each evening. Cocktails were a part of life and a part of the culture. However, the home bar nearly became extinct as media focus shed a brighter light on the dangers of alcohol abuse. Make no mistake, there's a big difference between alcohol abuse and responsible drinking. It is possible to enjoy a cocktail or two without going overboard, but everyone must realize their limit and stick to it.

The New Cocktail Renaissance

Today it's a new millennium, and cocktails are enjoying a renaissance in popular culture. Mixing drinks is once again an art form to be savored and celebrated, albeit responsibly. Stylish cocktail bars seem to be springing up everywhere and giving the old local watering hole a run for its money. Numerous books are available on everything from how to mix cocktails to setting up your own home bar to making bartending a career. Needless to say, cocktail parties are back in vogue.

Here in this category, you'll find a wealth of general information about cocktails, their history, ingredients and what you need to know to make them. Alongside the standard alcoholic beverages, you'll also find info about non-alcoholic drinks you can prepare so your designated driver doesn't feel left out of the fun. There is something for everyone and a lot to learn, so check back often to see what has been added.

About Cocktails