Cocktail Images to Inspire Delectable Drinks

18 Tropical Drink Recipes That Taste Like a Vacation

18 Tropical Drink Recipes That Taste Like a Vacation

Tropical drinks taste like sunshine, relaxation, and easy days. There's more to these easygoing cocktails than just their alluring colors, too. They're easy to shake up and can be tailored based on your favorite… Keep reading »

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and that rings especially true for cocktail pictures that showcase drink masterpieces. A cocktail picture or slideshow can be the best way to share images of beverages that would otherwise be difficult to describe.

Photogenic Cocktails

Peruse snapshots of perfectly poised cocktails as a visual map to the destination of a picture perfect drink.

Develop a Photographic Memory

Photos and images of cocktails can help as you or others build a drink. Consider how a Brandy Alexander and espresso martini have an incredibly similar look but differ in their presentation and garnish. Even a slight variation of an espresso martini alters the amount of foam or color of the beverage. If you're working with similar ingredients across different recipes, such as fruity cocktails, images keep the final result clear. Images are particularly helpful to demonstrate how a cocktail should look as a finished product.

Garnish Guide

Describing a garnish, however simple or intricate, can pose a problem when someone is so close to finishing their drink. The recipe may dictate a thin strip of lemon peel, but that amount will vary for everyone, and no one wants to measure the thickness of a peel. Sometimes bitters are used to create an intricate or specific design. A picture quickly demonstrates how it should look, without losing any meaning or intention in translation.


It can be difficult to know the correct cocktail glass to use if you aren't familiar. Tropical drinks can use hurricane glasses, highballs, or rocks glasses. Some tropical drinks are layered, while others can be mixed together. Classic cocktails often use coupes, but frequently martini glasses as well. Cocktail slideshows help the details stand out without getting lost in the descriptions.

Fire and Ice

After a few recipes, all frozen drinks can start to sound the same, even with all the different frozen daiquiri recipes. Thankfully, this is where cocktail images help to clarify. Be it a garnish or color of the mix, photos are critical in helping. Similarly, hot drinks can be difficult to understand at times, especially the garnish for a hot toddy, with its intricately pierced lemon wedge. Likewise with a spiked hot chocolate or coffee.

Descriptive Slideshows

Cocktail slideshows offer so much more than a chance to scroll through stunning cocktails. They're a visual guide to the art of shaking up a cocktail. They guide the process to minimize errors or clarify any questions of presentation regarding a cocktail's appearance, leaving you to focus on crafting a drink that tastes as good as it looks.

Cocktail Images to Inspire Delectable Drinks