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Currant Vodka Martini

Mixed Vodka Drinks

The currant vodka martini has been gaining popularity since currant-flavored vodkas hit the market. Since vodka is naturally without flavor, it is often sold in special bottlings uniquely tinged with many different types of natural and artificial flavors. Citrus fruits are among the most popular, while chocolate and vanilla flavored vodkas are preferred by others. A bacon flavored vodka has even made the news recently, so it is not an exaggeration to say that vodka flavors are truly unique! Currant vodkas are newer to the market, but they have become a favorite recently in mixed drinks.

Make Martinis With Currant-Flavored Vodka

Here are a couple recipes for currant flavored vodka martinis that will please any vodka martini fan.

The Black Currant Martini

A classic black currant martini is made with relatively few ingredients and doesn't take too much time or effort. However, its popularity is a testament to its unique and inviting flavor. Add three ounces of currant flavored vodka (Absolut Kurant vodka is popular and quite tasty) to a mixture of ½ teaspoon cocktail sherry and ½ teaspoon of cassis, a currant-flavored liqueur. Stir the ingredients into a pitcher of crushed ice and pour into a martini glass. Add a lemon wheel or a sprig of black currants on the side to make this new classic look hip and stylish.

The Black Currant Lime Martini

Lime juice is a staple for many martini drinks, and this currant vodka martini employs the juice to its greatest advantage by balancing out the currant flavor with a hint of sourness. Two shots of black currant vodka should be mixed with a half shot of crème de cassis, and a quarter shot each of grenadine and lime juice. Currant-flavored vodka need not be used in this recipe since the cassis flavor will suffice. However, if you desire a greater counterbalance to the lime, you may choose to use a flavored vodka. Squeeze out the juice from the lime instead of using a sweet lime juice for a more tart beverage. Shake the ingredients together in a shaker with ice and serve chilled.

Red Currant Lychee Martini

Red and black currants

Use as many red currants as you choose for this beautiful beverage! Place eight or ten currants into a shaker, add a third of an ounce of lemon juice and mix together with a spoon until the currants are sufficiently smashed together and the juices have mingled. Place two ounces of vodka into the shaker along with a half ounce of Soho Lychee and shave the ingredients with ice. Strain the final product into a chilled martini glass for an extremely unique red currant martini that's sure to wow a guest.

Kir Vodka Martini

The Kir Vodka Martini is striking and flavorful, combining two currant flavored ingredients simply and easily. Rest assured, when you make one, everyone will want to know what's in the glass. Fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and add 2/3 cup of currant flavored vodka. Two teaspoons of black currant liqueur such as crème de cassis should be added after the mixture has been shaken cool and distributed into glasses. The liqueur will fall slowly to the bottom of the glass, changing the flavor and texture of the drink as it is sipped. A lemon twist used as a garnish contrasts nicely with the white and dark red of the martini!

The Jack London Martini

Famed author Jack London is further immortalized in the Jack London Martini. Unlike some of the previous currant vodka creations, the Jack London contains a blanc, similar to the Vesper martini. (Blanc, an aperitif, has often been used in the place of vermouth in classic vodka martinis.) Place six parts black currant vodka into a shaker along with two parts blanc such as Dubonnet or Lillet. Shake these together vigorously with ice, strain and pour into chilled martini glasses. Add one part maraschino cherry liqueur to sink to the bottom of the glass. Garnish with a bunch of currants or a lemon twist.

Cocktails Worth Trying

If you're a fan of currants, you simply have to try all of these recipes, although certainly not in the same sitting. Each has a subtle difference in flavor, and you may find that one or two of these cocktails become your favorites.

Currant Vodka Martini