Melon Ball Vodka Cocktail

Vodka-spiked melon balls ready for cocktails

A melon and vodka cocktail can be deliciously refreshing, and you can even include fresh melon in your drink. Get the original recipe for a classic Melon Ball, as well as a few variations.

Mellon Ball Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Many vodka drink recipes include melon as a base flavor. It's a great choice for pairing with vodka because most melons have a mellow taste that isn't overwhelmed by the clear liquor. In addition, the fruit's flesh is absorbent, so you can soak it with the alcohol for an added kick.

Melon Ball Cocktail

Also known simply as a Melon Baller, this chilly cocktail is filled with the taste of summer, but you can drink it anytime you like.

  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 3/4 of your favorite melon liquer
  • 4 ounces orange juice

Measure and pour each ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice. Give the drink a quick stir with a swizzle stick, and for a nice garnish, add a fresh melon ball on top. You can even spike melon balls ahead of time using the following directions.

Spiked Melon Balls

Spiked melon balls are easy to make and you can use them in many creative ways. Preparation requires nothing more than creating balls of fruit with a melon baller and pouring vodka over them. Allow the fruit to absorb the alcohol for at least two hours, or for as long as three days. Any longer than that and you won't be able to taste the fruit much.

Honeydew and cantaloupe are excellent choices for making the spiked balls and watermelon can work well, too. Use all three for appealing color variety. Ideas for using the balls include:

  • Serving them in cocktail glasses with fresh watermelon juice and unabsorbed vodka
  • Stringing the melon balls on cocktail picks to use them as an edible garnish
  • Freezing the fruit to use as edible "ice" cubes or as ingredients for frozen drink recipes
  • Adding the frozen fruit to your favorite punch to chill it and to add flavor
  • Serving frozen balls as dessert, as described below.

Pearl Harbor Cocktail

This is a popular variation of the Melon Ball, but this recipe swaps out the orange juice for pineapple juice.

  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 3/4 ounce Midori
  • 4 oounces pineapple juice

Mix all the ingredients in a tall glass filled with ice and enjoy.

Melon Baller Shooters

The Mellon Ball also makes a popular shooter that is green in appearance and contains equal parts of Midori melon liqueur, vodka and either orange or pineapple juice. You can create many tasty variations of this base recipe by replacing the pineapple juice.

  • Create a southern style shooter by using peach juice. Serve it over crushed ice and garnish it with a slice of peach.
  • Make a cosmopolitan-inspired mixture by using cranberry juice. Garnish the drink with a lemon twist to add color and aroma.
  • Keep the drink in the melon family by using fresh watermelon juice.

Fresh Is Best

While supermarket juices and frozen melon are convenient to use, your Melon Ball cocktail will only taste its best if you use the freshest ingredients. Select ripe melons from your local produce store and scoop it into balls yourself, and squeeze fresh oranges or juice fresh pineapple in a juicer for the most delicious and natural taste. Pair it up with good quality vodka and melon liquer, and you really can't fo wrong.

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Melon Ball Vodka Cocktail