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Manly Bar Drinks

Karen Frazier
Man holding tumbler of scotch

The definition of what's "manly" is changing, but manly bar drinks give the impression of being the opposite of girly bar drinks. Manly bar drinks are often spare and boozy with dry and strong flavors.

10 Macho Bar Drinks for the Manly Man

Of course, manly bar drinks aren't for men only, just as girly bar drinks aren't for ladies only. So go with your taste buds and order what pleases your palate. If you like a manly bar drink, here are some to try.

1. Old-Fashioned

The old-fashioned is a classic cocktail that has been beloved by men (and ladies) for generations. With some type of whiskey (often rye or bourbon), a dash of cocktail bitters, and a sugar cube, this drink is as macho as it gets. It's also an exceptionally balanced way to enjoy your favorite whiskey.

2. Whiskey, Neat

Well, maybe and old-fashioned isn't quite as macho as it gets. Because an old-fashioned is essentially a watered-down version of whiskey to the manly purist. So if you're ready to metaphorically grow hair on your chest, then belly up to the bar and order whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or rye, neat (without ice). You'll get it in a rocks glass without the rocks. That, friends, is a manly bar drink.

Crystal glasses of whisky

3. Rusty Nail

Tell the world you chew on nails and spit them out of your manly mouth by ordering a rusty nail. This combination of blended Scotch and Drambuie just sounds dramatically, magnificently masculine. Garnished with a lemon twist, the blend of flavors here brings out the sweet and smoky notes in Scotch.

4. Dark and Stormy

This dark rum cocktail is no flooffy, fruity tropical drink. Instead, it's a brooding, dark tiki drink made from dark rum and ginger beer that tells the world that sure, you might be on a tropical vacation, but inside you're just as dark and mysterious as a growing storm on the Bermuda horizon. If you like ginger and the warm flavors of dark rum, this is the drink for you.

5. Dirty Martini

Oh sure, a martini is a manly enough drink. After all, it was good enough for 007, who especially loved a vesper martini. But why not dirty it up a bit with a little olive brine? The dirty martini says, "I'm suave and sophisticated with a little bit of an edge," the perfect manly message to send with your cocktail.

Man with Women drinking Martinis

6. Four Horsemen

Heck, this drink has man in the name - or, more specifically, men - and it uses spirits named after men. How could it not be one of the manliest drinks of all time? So swagger on up to your nearest bartender and ask for a four horsemen so you can spend time with your bros Jack, Jim, Jose, and Johnny. This drink is strong with a distinct boozy burn. It's a straight-up shot, but with four manly spirits instead of one.

7. Boilermaker

"Liquor before beer, nothing to fear; beer before liquor, never quicker," or so the saying goes. But....what if it's liquor in beer? What could be more macho than that? The boilermaker is easy to make. Drop a shot of bourbon or rye into a mug of beer and take it down. What's it taste like? Pretty much like beer with whiskey in it. Manly!

8. Kamikaze

Just the name of this drink has macho appeal. A classic sour cocktail with a cool name, the kamikaze is a tart and refreshing blend of lime juice, triple sec, and vodka served straight up in a rocks glass and garnished with a lime wedge.

9. Tequila

Whether it's a tequila shot taken down quickly with salt and a lime wedge or a delightful sipping tequila such as an añejo, tequila is a pretty darn manly drink. Good tequila (or its non-Jalisco cousin mescal), is made from the hearts of agave (blue agave for tequila, other types for mescal). The agave is dried in fire pits or ovens so it's slightly sweet and smoky. When well distilled, it doesn't have the distinct alcohol burn of cheaper counterparts. Try a splash of Don Julio 1942 neat or with a wedge of lime (run the wedge around the rim of the glass and sip). It will rival the best whiskies out there with hints of smoke and the distinctive tequila flavor profile. It's a great manly alternative to whiskey, neat.

Glasses of tequila on the wooden board

10. Jack and Coke

Just the name Jack Daniels sounds pretty darn masculine by itself. But when you ask a macho bartender to make a Jack and Coke, he's sure to give you an "I've got you bro" glance as he mixes it up. The barkeep will serve you 1½ to 2 ounces of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey with 6 to 8 ounces of cola on ice. No garnish necessary. Watching your waistline? You can substitute diet cola.

Manly Drinks Not Just for Men

Of course, manly drinks aren't just for men. So ladies, feel free to set aside your ladylike pink cocktails and have a drink with the boys. The simplicity of the cocktails and the strong flavor profiles are perfect for any gender.

Manly Bar Drinks