Amaretto and Coke


If you are looking for an alcoholic mixed drink that has no liquor flavor, amaretto and Coke is a good choice. As the sweetness of each ingredient vies for center stage, the resulting taste is unique and surprising.

Playing Doctor

Although no hard evidence exists as to why this phenomenon occurs, mixing amaretto and Coke results in a beverage that tastes like the classic soft drink Dr. Pepper. Mix two ounces of amaretto with four ounces of Coke and add a couple of maraschino cherries. Close your eyes and marvel at how the concoction tastes like an innocent fizzy drink, devoid of alcohol. However, don't forget the fact that while the taste is an illusion. The alcohol content is real and will have the usual positive and negative effects on the mind and body.

Another Doctor Drink

For those who desire a bit more kick in their cocktails, as well as a taste of alcohol, there is the Flaming Dr. Pepper drink. This recipe calls for a shot of amaretto with a floater on top of 151 proof rum and a half glass of beer. Ignite the rum, drop the shot glass into the beer and chug. After a couple of these, you may actually visualize Dr. Pepper standing next to you.

Amazing Amaretto

Amaretto is a unique Italian liqueur made with a base of almond pits, apricot pits or a combination of the two. The sweeteners in amaretto offset the bitterness of the pits, and the addition of natural almond flavors in some brands creates a nicely balanced but distinctively sweet alcoholic drink. Certain amaretto brands have no added almond flavorings and depend on secret herbs and spices for taste. For people with nut allergies, some brands are labeled as nut-free to assure imbibers they can consume the liqueur without fear of adverse reactions.

With these facts in mind, it is still not clear why amaretto mixed with Coke mimics the taste of Dr. Pepper, although some claim the herbal additives that give Dr. Pepper its unique taste are also in amaretto and that the addition of Coke brings them to life.

Other Amaretto Cocktails

Amaretto mixes well with other soft drinks or as an ingredient in other cocktails.

Soft Drink Variations

Pepsi mixed with amaretto and a splash of lemon creates a light tasting cocktail. To experience the full almond taste of amaretto, mixing it with club soda gives it refreshing carbonation without masking the flavor of the liqueur. 7-Up or Sprite mixed with amaretto makes a cooling spritzer, and combining the liqueur with root beer creates a unique taste sensation. For all these drinks, the proportion of mixer to liqueur is totally dependent on the preferences of the drinker, as is the addition of ice or garnishes.

Popular Amaretto Drinks

A shot of amaretto mixed into a cup of hot, strong coffee and topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream is a cozy winter cocktail for a cold day. For optimum and quicker inner warmth, mix equal parts of amaretto with cognac to make a French Connection. Combine equal amounts of amaretto and Scotch and the Godfather is born. A Godmother is a combination of equivalent portions of amaretto and vodka, and the Godchild gently combines identical proportions of cream and amaretto.

Who Drinks Amaretto and Coke?

Although no hard facts are in evidence as to which demographic favors this sweet concoction, it probably falls into the gateway or newbie drink category. People with no prior exposure to alcoholic mixed drinks frequently prefer cocktails that mask the taste of liquor over those where liquor is the dominant flavor.

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Amaretto and Coke