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Some like it on ice, some like it with a kick, some like it frozen, and others in the middle of the backyard on a sunny day. Fruity cocktails: the (sometimes) unappreciated star of the cocktail world. More than just a sweet pomegranate margarita, fruity cocktails are as boozy as a strawberry daiquiri or tart like an appletini. Whatever you want in a cocktail, fruity cocktails are the best place to start. So forget everything you know about fruity cocktails; they're for everyone.

Classic Fruity Cocktails

When you think fruity cocktails, don't think girly, don't think cloying, and certainly don't think they won't give you a swift kick if you don't respect them. The cocktails might be fruity and easy to drink, but they're still quite boozy. Classic fruity cocktails include the appletini, flavored margaritas such as peach, blood orange, or even a tropical guava flavor, or the sweet strawberry daiquiri or mango daiquiri. Better yet, try a frozen margarita straight from the strawberry patch to your blender and into your glass. You can keep it lighter by imbibing in a mocktail or another nonalcoholic fruit drink.

The mojito is arguably more mint than fruit, but lime deserves a place in the fruity drink category, and when you add a bit of fruit flavors to the lime juice, it's a knock-out fruity drink. And certainly don't forget fruity shots, too.

Take it easy on the mixing with other fruity cocktails that rely on fruit juices: a bay breeze or a cape codder, a sea breeze, peach bellini, and mimosa are all quickly assembled with a helping of fruit juice or nectar. Don't overlook the idea of fruit-infused liquors when you're looking for a fruity cocktail base. A homemade infused vodka, gin, tequila, or even whiskey will take give a fruity cocktail that juicy, signature edge.

Unlikely Fruit Cocktails

Whiskey cocktails may seem impossible to be fruity. Still, whiskey makes for an excellent base in fruity cocktails, as it has a strong bite that balances other flavors quite well. A cherry, orange, or peach-infused whiskey will kick any old-fashioned from traditional to fruity or turn your whiskey smash into something even more flavorful.

Tropical Fruity Cocktails

You'll often find that tropical cocktails are both boozy and fruity. The rum punch is an excellent example of this, and it's brimming with fruit juices and liquors to make it all go down a little too easy. The iconic 1980 and 90s sex on the beach is a popular fruity drink with an ear-grabbing name, as is the peach-forward fuzzy navel. The tequila sunrise is a beautiful and colorful option when you're drinking in the horizon. Or, if you're dreaming of something warmer, a fruity blue Hawaii or one with a fruity coconut spin, a blue Hawaiian. Or, keep it as simple as a little bit of vodka and orange juice.

Tropical fruity cocktails make up a pretty big branch of the fruity drink family tree. Think of mai tais, piña coladas, or hurricanes. Make your margarita fruity and tropical with some coconut flavoring, capture a little extra fruit sunshine in your mojito with pineapple, and give your daiquiri even more fruity lift with notes of banana. There's no wrong way to shake in some fruit.

Fruity Martini Cocktails

There's no shortage of fruity martini drinks to choose from. In fact, you could build an entire menu or fruity martini cocktail flight using fruit martinis. The cosmopolitan is arguably the most famous of the fruity martinis, but the apple martini, sometimes known as the appletini, isn't very far behind. Follow your sex on the beach cocktail with a fruity porn star martini, with passion fruit at the center of the flavors.

Fruity martinis are pretty easy to build: start with vodka or silver rum, add a bit of fruit juice or nectar, a splash of citrus to add balance, and maybe another liqueur or two, and like magic, a fruity cocktail martini is born. Think of the pear martini, lychee martini, or pomegranate martini. If you want something lighter for summertime sipping, a watermelon martini or cocktail, will hit the spot. Better yet, make it strawberry.

Frozen Fruity Cocktails

With a fruit cocktail recipe, some extra ice, and a blender, you have a frozen fruity cocktail that'll beat the heat any day or night of the week. Take your piña colada for a walk on the icy side, and while you're at it, your strawberry daiquiri, or any fruity frozen daiquiri, should too. And if you find that those two make for an excellent and healthy relationship, you can make the ultimate fruity frozen cocktail by layering the two together to create a Miami vice.

If those things feel a bit too complicated, keep it simple with a fruity frozen margarita, or with fresh fruit, fruit liquor, and a little rosé to make a fan favorite frosé. The only thing limiting your frozen fruity cocktail is your imagination, since there's a world of frozen fruity nonalcoholic cocktails, too.

Branching Out With Fruity Cocktail Tree: Mixers and Ingredients

Fruity drink ingredient recipes can be quick and easy or take a few minutes to prepare and gather ingredients. Whichever side you fall on, there's always something new to explore with fruity cocktails, especially with how many fruit-forward ingredients you can easily find.

  • Consider adding a heaping spoonful of fruit jam, such as blueberry, to cocktails, shaking thoroughly to dissolve them. Don't limit yourself to typical fruity cocktails; experiment with old-fashioneds, gin martinis, or hot and dirty vodka martinis.
  • Use freshly-squeezed fruit juices when you can, but don't skip a drink just because you don't squeeze your own. Stock up on fruit juices to keep your bar mixer menu rich with ideas, and don't overlook incorporating fruit nectars, either.
  • Fruit puree adds a heaping pile of flavor to fruity cocktails. You can buy them at the store or make your own at home.
  • Infuse your gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey with fruit flavors to make a fruity cocktail without any extra muddling, shaking, or blending - and with all that juicy fruit flavor.
  • There's no shame in buying fruit-flavored liquors or liqueurs. You can make dozens of fruity cocktails, including apple or banana drinks. Raspberry is always a favorite, too.
  • Still can't stomach the thought of a fruity drink? Add a little bit of chili liqueur or muddle in a few jalapeño coins to spice things up.
  • You can't go wrong by muddling fresh fruit!
  • Think beyond typical fruit flavors and explore pear and lychee cocktails.

Indulging in Fruity Cocktails

Don't underestimate the deliciousness or potency of fruity cocktails. Whether frozen or with a firm whiskey bite, fruity drinks are a staple and essential part of the cocktail world. And if you don't know if you can talk a walk on the fruitier side of things, consider adding a little bit of heat. You'll soon be singing fruity cocktail praises between sips.

Fruity Cocktails