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15 Scary-Good Halloween Punch Recipes (Nonalcoholic)

15 Scary-Good Halloween Punch Recipes (Nonalcoholic)

Prepare for hosting friendly haunts of all ages and sizes with a Halloween nonalcoholic punch. From a ghoulishly green mocktail punch to a goosebumps-inducing bloody punch, these will fit in perfectly for any… Keep reading »

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Halloween blue and yellow cocktails

As the Halloween season grows near, the spooky shadows grow longer in unlit corners, hiding who knows what. But don't let fear consume you over what to serve at a Halloween party. If you're feverishly scrolling, looking for a drink to enjoy as you make a bowl of popcorn to watch your favorite scary movie or gather for ghouls' night in, look no further. Halloween is the time to mix your spirits with some boos and some booze in a delightful array of Halloween drinks and shots.

Trick-or-Treat Tipples

Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or creeping away from the cemetery to attend a spooky soiree, you always want to show up with something other than your chains on hand. Turn to Halloween shots as a great way to get everyone into monster mash mode in no time. You can even, responsibly, enjoy a terrifyingly tasty tipple before piling into the back of a hearse for your final party destination. For those that aren't keen on shots (after all, you don't want to spend the next day haunting your own bed) a devilishly good Halloween tequila drink or smooth and spooky vodka Halloween cocktail may be exactly what Dr. Frankenstein ordered.

Drinks for Hosting Ghouls, Goblins, and Witches

If you're the ghost host with the most and want to mingle with the other Halloween monsters and ghouls, you'll probably want an easy Halloween cocktail to shake or stir up ahead of time--not just for yourself but for any spooky, scary skeletons in attendance. Make things easy on yourself by preparing Halloween party drinks ahead of time, effortlessly and bewitchingly stirring and serving drinks to your guests, or even letting your attendees mournfully drink at their own discretion, helping themselves to cocktails and punches. If the only ghoul, goblin, or witch is you, rattling about the settling house alone, shake up a drink and pair it with a scary movie or two.

BOO-zy Hallow-tinis

Set the scene for a guest as regal as Morticia and Gomez Addams by setting the creaky table with a cleverly named Halloween martini. Fit for cemetery and hellish royalty alike, whip up a Halloween martini from something as classically fall as a pumpkin martini to a drink as chilling as a vampire's kiss that will delight all and put the "ooo" in boo. Or enjoy an ominously and appropriately named Death in the Afternoon or Corpse Reviver.

Halloween Cocktail Themes

After shaking up a cocktail or making a custom drink riff with the perfect Halloween cocktail name, don't forget to think of a theme so your gathering isn't as haphazard as ghosts scrambling to escape a haunted mansion. Whip up supernaturally green cocktails, sipping on an ode to the monster under the bed, or try something a bit more venomous. If you have your heart set on something a bit bloodier, serve a batch of blood-red cocktails. You can look to Bloody Mary for a bit of inspiration, or maybe try something even more gruesome. Have no fear if you've lost your head from spinning through all these decisions, positively bewitched by the possibility. A spooky theme will have your all the ghosts shrieking for more. And peacefully rest assured that it will still hammer that last nail in the coffin for being the best and scariest Halloween cocktail ever.

Put Some Booze in Your Boos

Allow your love of scares and tricks to shine with a Halloween cocktail fit for any specter, shadow, or wraith. All your friends will be dying to attend your next party.

Halloween Cocktails and Drinks