Where to Buy Wholesale Mint Julep Cups

Mint Julep cup

The mint julep cocktail was concocted in the late 1930s and serves as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. The special silver cups used have gained in popularity for many other social uses since as well. While not widely available, it is possible to order mint julep cups wholesale if you are planning a large party or event.

Purchase Mint Julep Cups Wholesale

Traditional mint julep cups are made from silver or pewter materials, although some are now made of metalized plastics. In addition to their original use, many mint julep cups are now sold strictly for decorative purposes, such as holding flowers or wedding table centerpieces. Both types of cups are readily available; take care when ordering cups to hold beverages that you make sure what you are purchasing is intended for this use. The following retailers sell mint julep cups at wholesale prices.


Danforth carries pewter mint julep cups for drinking and decorative use that can be engraved. Each cup is 3-3/4-inches in height, 3-inches in diameter, and holds 10 ounces. The cups retail for $54 each; to get wholesale pricing and discounts, you must apply with a state tax resale ID number. Once registered you'll be able to see special wholesale pricing.

Large Quantity Discounts

In addition to the wholesalers, there are also a few companies that offer volume discounts and wholesale pricing without a tax ID:

  • eFavorMart carries silver mint julep cups that are meant strictly for decorative purposes. They have detailed beading just beneath the rim and measure 5-3/4-inches in height and 4-inches in diameter. They sell for $12.99 a piece with orders of 12 or more selling for $12.60 a piece. Additionally, they offer extra price breaks on the order total when purchasing in greater quantities. Visit their discount page to a get an order code.
  • Wholesale Flowers and Supplies also carries mint julep cups only for decoration. Their cups are made of plastic and are available in both metalized and colored variations. The cups are 4-1/4-inches tall and 3-1/4-inches in diameter. They are sold in cases of 36, although the silver cup is also available as a single unit. They are $1.75 a piece or $53.95 for the case.
  • Caterer's Warehouse sells multiple mint julep cups in several different sizes and styles. The cups can be used for drinking or for decorative purposes. Sizes range from 4 to 16 ounces and the cups come in silverplate, nickelplate, and pewter. Many have decorative beading beneath the rim, several others are completely plain with no decorative details. Prices vary depending on the size, material, and decorations on the cups.

Get Ready for Your Event

By purchasing your mint julep-style cups in bulk with wholesale discounting, you'll find it easier than ever to plan for your next event. Whether you're planning a Kentucky Derby party complete with frozen cocktails or you're decorating for a wedding, get your julep cups wholesale and feel good about your purchase.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Mint Julep Cups